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Bullseye Marketing

Bullseye Marketing creates smart custom communication programs to find and win new customers, re-engage lapsed customers, and keep all of your customers coming back. We combine the latest print and digital technology with savvy data management and analytics. With that, we manage your customer relationships to deliver the right message to the right customer.

customer-bullseyeWe all prefer to do business with someone we know and trust. Someone with roots in the local community, who has built their reputation on service and quality. And with whom we can develop a relationship with.

Developing those customer relationships is crucial. That’s where Bullseye Marketing helps you! Our years of experience will help to guide you with proven tactics and offers that get customers to respond, while our digital abilities make our programs truly turnkey.






Bullseye Marketing’s print facilities include some of the most efficient and modern equipment available. This includes the Xerox IGEN 5 Digital Printer that allows for dynamic content insertion during the print run. This means you can send different content to different people all within the same print run. That gives you flexibility and saves you money at the same time!


Our historical strong suit, and still among the most effective advertising channels measured by return on investment. We’ve been executing direct mail on behalf of small local businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between for more than 15 years. Our equipment, processes, tracking and reporting, and relationships with USPS combine to give you the best possible pricing.


Highly skilled Designers will create anything from a memorable company logo to a full-service, effective direct mail campaign. Whatever you need, we’ll deliver a product that will get you noticed and achieve your desired goal quickly, at an affordable price.