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Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle nudge to bring back a lapsed customer. Sometimes, it takes a few jolts and a high-value offer. Bullseye’s Customer Win-back Campaigns are designed to deliver the right message and offers to get old customers to re-engage with your business.

CWC is a series of escalating communications and offers that remind customers of their previous business with you, and inspire them to come back for more. We develop the cadence of communication that keeps your message in front of the customer, and allows you to know which messages and offers are the most successful at restoring the customer relationship.

Your customer receives a personalized email or mail piece, sent first class for maximum impact. These postcards or emails are easy to read and understand, and get you noticed with maximum recall.

  • We identify desirable lapsed customers based on your data and transaction records.
  • Recency, frequency and transaction volume is used to create message, offers and send priority.
  • Everything is tracked – you know when your message was received, and when the customer responds.
  • Easy to read reporting shows you which efforts are the most successful, and your return on investment for each activity.