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Timely Reminders

What if every customer bought just one extra service or product each visit? Use Timely Reminders to alert customers when it’s time to return for service, and include variable discount offers to turn appointment reminders into extra money for add-on services. Reminders are created dynamically based on customer profiles and transaction history, so that each personalized reminder is delivered with a relevant message and offer in order to achieve the highest response and ROI.

Customer Win-back Campaigns

Have past customers stopped coming to you? Bring them back from the competition with Bullseye Marketing’s Customer Win-back Campaigns. We send a series of personalized communications from you to them to let them know you miss them, appreciate their business and want them to return. These communications include customer-specific offers that generally increase in value and urgency from one communication to the next. Once the customer responds, they go back into the Timely Reminders group and stop getting Win-back offers.


Grow your business with new customers. Our SONAR program uses your current customer profiles to target and promote to prospects that look like your best current customers. Using data analytics, we promote to the most responsive neighborhoods and households to give you the best return on investment. Best of all, everything is tracked, so you know who got your message, when they received it, what it said, and when they responded.

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