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The success of a marketing company is measured by its ability to define and communicate the unique value of the brands it represents.

Since 2001, Bullseye Marketing has defined and refined the art of advertising and marketing. Our knowledge of targeted advertising and intelligent strategies deliver cost effective marketing solutions. Whether our client is a blue chip company or a small business, every marketing campaign receives the same sterling attention and dedication on which we have built our reputation.

Nowhere is this dedication to client success more apparent than in our Customer Contact Solutions programs. Working at the intersection of data and messaging, these programs are turnkey, and serve to bring businesses and customers closer by affirming and nurturing the customer relationship. The results are increased consumer/brand interactions for increased ROI, better understanding of customer behavior and customer intelligence, and greatly improved customer relationships.

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The Team

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David Rewers


Munna Mansoor


Barry Silver

VP of Sales & Marketing

Email: barry@bullseyeb2b.com

Nancy Mendoza

Project Manager

Phone: 818.466.5407
Email: nancy@bullseyeb2b.com

Scheilla Raffaelli

Software Engineer

Email: scheilla@bullseyeb2b.com

Roxana Orta

Account Specialist

Phone: 818.466.5409
Email: roxana@bullseyeb2b.com

Arie Agmon

Software Engineer

Email: arie@bullseyeb2b.com

Carina Mendoza

Account Specialist

Phone: 818.466.5405
Email: carina@bullseyeb2b.com

Omar Perez

Warehouse Manager

Email: omar@bullseyeb2b.com

Gabriel Iniguez

New Business Development

Phone: 818.466.5403
Email: gabriel@bullseyeb2b.com

Jen Romero

Graphic Designer

Email: jen@bullseyeb2b.com

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