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Direct Mail Marketing is our strong suit, and still is among the most effective advertising channels measured by return on investment.  For more than 15 years, we’ve been executing direct mail on behalf of political candidates, small local businesses, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.  Our processes, tracking, reporting and data analytics combined with our unique in-house postal abilities allow us a speed to market advantage for turnkey service at affordable prices.

Direct Mail Bullseye Marketing
Direct Mail Bullseye Marketing

Effective Advertising

Bullseye Marketing will handle every part of your marketing campaign from design to delivery. Whether your project is a simple postcard, an account statement or a complex product catalog, our vast knowledge of postal regulations and discounts ensures you will secure the leanest pricing on any mailing project. In-house custom design, development, printing and speed to market means Bullseye Marketing’s team will yield the absolute best results possible!

Our Campaigns


Timely Reminders

Send automated variable dynamic messages to your customer base to encourage them to come back again and again. Inspire your customer to the desired action with a coupon or promotional deal of your choice, delivered based on researched frequency for your industry, and tailored to your own customer behavior per location.

We manage the entire program: recommended frequency, complete database management, targeting the offers you choose to the right customer groups, and complete reporting to track program effectiveness at customer, household, and neighborhood levels. Our digital data and production capabilities allow you to target different offers to different customers in the same batch of mailers and emails, and to change up your offers at no cost for each new weekly mailing.

sonar campaign


This concept holds true in business too, and we’ve been helping companies locate and haul in new customers and big sales improvements with our own SONAR:


We find new customers by leveraging your current customer information. We actively target non-customer households in your best feeder neighborhoods. Developing new customers from high-potential areas identified through analytics is what we do. This means that we test offers and creative images for the biggest impact to optimize your investment for maximum return. lastly, we track program effectiveness at the household and neighborhood level.

sonar campaign

Customer Win-Back Campaigns

Bullseye’s Customer Win-back Campaigns are designed to deliver the right message and offer to get old customers to re-engage with your business.CWC is a series of escalating communications and offers that remind customers of their previous business with you and inspire them to come back for more. We develop the cadence of communication that keeps your message in front of the customer and allows you to know which messages and offers are the most successful at restoring the customer relationship.

Your customer receives a personalized email or mail piece, sent first class for maximum impact. These postcards or emails are easy to read and understand and get you noticed with maximum recall.


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Step 1

Brainstorm Messaging

Having the right message for the right person at the right time is the essence of good relationship marketing.

Step 2


Highly skilled Designers from Bullseye Marketing will create anything from a memorable company logo to a full-service, effective direct mail campaign.

Step 3

Launch Campaign

Bullseye Marketing experts ensure your message is delivered and tracks the effectiveness to constantly improve your results.